Upcoming Events…

Daily Comedy Open Mics

New York City is a funny place, and we proudly support that distinction in it's purest form nearly every day of the week at 6pm. Check out these FREE showcases:

Mondays - Monday Open Mic, because it sounds like you have a case of the Mondays

Wednesdays - New Joke City, one of NYC's longest-running comedy mics

Thursdays - I Found It, an open mic that prioritizes women and LGBTQ+ performers

Fridays - Dog Mic, a random draw mic featuring the stylings of the lovely M'Lady

Sundays - Another Pine Box Open Mic, starts at 5pm

Thursday, January 16th, 8pm

Peer Pressure Comedy Presents:  Please Give A F$%k! (A Charity Comedy Show)  Tickets & Info

Friday, January 17th, 7pm

Real/Fake Science Returns!  Can you tell the real facts from the alternative facts?  Tickets & Info

Saturday, January 18th, 8pm

Wobfest 2020:  Fundraiser for the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee  Tickets & Info